What our patients have to say about Us

“I like how they treat me when I go into the room, Dr. Baker makes sure everyone is nice to me when they work on my teeth. I love Dr. Baker and the staff they are pretty to me and help me every time. And the last time I was there Dr. Baker worked on me and that was cool. Love Love Love”
-I.M., Carson, CA

“As soon as I walked into CB Orthodontics, I knew that it would be a great fit for me. The warm colored room and smiles of the office assistants automatically made me feel welcome. When I met Dr.Baker, Ms. Marlet, and Ms. Rosie, they were very kind and greeted me with huge smiles. From then on I have continued to feel welcomed and enjoy going to my appointments. I love being able to read the latest Seventeen Magazine while waiting to be seen and talking to Ms. Rosie and Ms. Marlet about the latest book that I'm reading. I also like that Dr. Baker always takes time out to explain to me exactly how I am progressing with my braces and show me any changes that need to occur. Overall, CB Orthodontics has made this experience a wonderful one for me."
-J.B., Long Beach, CA

“When I first walked into CB Orthodontics, I was really nervous about getting braces. Once I was called in they gave me a tour of the office, I really liked the fountain by the Doctors office. I got to meet Dr. Baker, Ms. Rosie and Ms. Marlet and they were very welcoming. Now when I go to my visits I am more comfortable about going in to be seen. What I really enjoy is that I am able to choose a new color for my braces. I think it also helps me to know how much I am progressing with my braces. One last thing is: I really liked the mug they gave me."
-S.S., Compton, CA

“There are a lot of things I like about CB Orthodontics, starting off with the staff whom are very nice and welcoming. I really like Ms. Rosie, she cares about my teeth and is always concerned about any loose or broken braces and about my hygiene. I also like the office, it is always clean and set up in a proper way to make my visit fun and easy. Last but not least, Dr.Baker..before coming to her office I visited many Orthodontist’s, but none like her. She really cares about her patients and having great results on their teeth. And although my young age she still treats me with respect. I always recommend Dr. Baker to my family and friends. Thank you all."
-J.E., Carson, CA

“Hi to all and thank you for the holiday note, I just wanted to update you on your former patients, Crystal and Alyssa. Crystal is now a senior at UC Irvine and will be graduating in June with a dance major and education minor. She has just booked her first movie (Yes!!!) and will be filming and doing ballet during the break She STAYS in front of the camera flashing her CB Orthodontics smile (Ha Ha Ha). Alyssa is a sophomore at UC Davis and is majoring in human development, she is dancing at school for special events and was asked to perform as part of a maters theses presentation. She also stays in front of the camera GRINNING!!! Your winning smiles are winning BIG! Thank you again from a proud mama!."
-S.H., Hawthorne, CA

“CB Orthodontics is fun and professional. Dr.Baker and her staff are very nice and always greet me with a smile. The office is so neat, clean and colorful, and I enjoy looking at the pictures that are hanging by the deck. They always decorate for every holiday and they have treats to give to the patients, like hot chocolate and cupcakes. They give out cool prizes and have fun activities too. Dr. Baker and her staff make every appointment great!"
-G.B., Long Beach, CA

“I am writing an appreciation letter to you and your wonderful staff. Thank you for helping me achieve getting a great smile. Every time I visit your office it makes me feel at home, now you are all part of my family. I like coming to your office for my treatment because Dr. Baker, Marlet and Rosie make me feel I am important. After my visit to CB Orthodontics my mom always takes my sister and I to Ikea. Thank you again!!"
-N.B., Torrance, CA

"I like how welcoming CB Orthodontics is, I also like how there is always a pair of headsets so you can watch a movie. It consumes the time while you are waiting to get your braces tightened or getting a new pair. I also like how nice the staff are while giving me new colors or a new wire, they aren't rough or yanking, but are gentle and well focused. And that is what I like about CB Orthodontics."
-A.G., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

“When I first came to CB Orthodontics and found out I needed braces I was very nervous. But my braces are very pretty and it didn't even hurt."
-I.W., Gardena, CA

“Dr.Baker, Thank you for being so responsive to our concerns and arranging to meet with my family regarding "Courtney's" physical adjustments to her new appliance. We are appreciative that you came into the office on your day off. Courtney appears to be more comfortable now after using the suggestions that you gave her last Friday. Again, thanks for your professionalism."
-M.H., Carson, CA

“The people who work there are very nice. I like the contests, theme decorations, family services, and the website. They accommodated my elementary and middle school schedule. Their new logo makes a heart with the C and B which symbolizes the motto they have “We Take Your Smile to Heart.” I also like the recorded reminder messages they send me before my appointments.”
-R.I., Long Beach, CA

“Once you enter, there is always a smile on the receptionist’s face and everyone in the operatory. Dr. Baker is so nice and is on Facebook and Twitter. When I get my braces off I will miss every single one of them.”
-B.B., Bellflower, CA

“Dr. Cappie Baker is the best Orthodontist I’ve been to. The women who work there are very pretty and nice, and that is the reason I like them.”
-O.A., Wilmington, CA

“What I like about CB Orthodontics is the people, they are so nice. When you first start you may not know them, but when you meet them they are like someone you really know. They are special. If you want to get braces, get them at CB Orthodontics.”
-A.T., Lakewood, CA

“I like the staff because they are very nice and they comfort you if you’re nervous about getting braces. I like how I can earn points, and that you can donate toys to the needy.”
-A.M., Carson, CA

“I like their computer sign-in, because I have never seen anything like it. Also their service is fast, and the co-workers are extremely nice and helpful.”
-I.O., Harbor City, CA

“I like that they greet me with a smile and that I get to sign myself in on the computer by spelling my last name. I like the way I get to pick my own color ties for my brackets. The best part is that when they are working on your teeth it does not hurt at all. Finally I like that they treat their patient’s with great care.”
-K.H., Carson, CA

“I like how you can sign yourself in then you go in deck, and then they take care of you. This is a really cool fast system. The staff are so nice and make appointments less painful and fun.”
-K.J., Gardena, CA

“As a parent I like the patient log in section of the website. It keeps me informed about my son’s future appointments, my balance and current payments. I also like the Oral Hygiene video, it showed my son how to properly care for his teeth while in braces.”
-M.J., Gardena, CA

“I love CB Orthodontics because they have a variety of colors. I also like their comfortable seats. They are gentle when they work on my teeth. They are very nice to everyone. CB Orthodontics is the BEST! I would recommend CB Orthodontics to you because it is the best and they treat you really good.”
-J.R., Los Angeles, CA

“The minute I got there I felt really welcome. I love the service. The secretary, the nurses, and Dr. Cappie Baker are really nice and sweet. I also love the radio station that you guys play. The fact that I don’t have to wait a long time in the waiting room is great.”
-C.S., Wilmington, CA

“What I like about Dr. Baker’s office is the people are nice to me, especially Dr. Baker. I am impressed with all the certificates. Dr. Baker helps kids not to be scared when they get braces. Dr. Baker, one day I will like to be an orthodontist just like you and I will be proud of me just like I’m proud of you!”
-S.L., Carson, CA

“Dr. Cappie Baker and Ms. Cherise are fun and nice. Ms. Rosie is fun too because she explains how to use your dental tools. They make sure you understand.”
-M.H., Carson, CA

“I like that you get stickers and lip balm.”
-E.G., Carson, CA

“Dr. Baker is always nice. CB Orthodontics is a great place and I look forward to coming again.”
-K.T., Los Angeles, CA

“The wait is not long. The doctor and staff tell you step by step what they’re going to do. You could choose your appointments.”
-V.M., Compton, CA

“I really like changing colors because my friends ask to see it and I feel like I’m cool.”
-O.G., Carson, CA

“What I like best about Dr. Cappie Baker’s office is the people are nice, neat, and pretty cool people like the doctor.”
-E.V., Carson, CA

“I love the decorations you put in your office during different holidays. I like to go there because it is always fresh. I like the way they take pictures and put them on the wall.”
-D.M., Wilmington, CA

“They don’t take long; you’re just in and out.”
-M.A., Carson, CA

“The office is calm and quiet.”
-E.S., Wilmington, CA

“Everyone is friendly and I feel very welcome. When I get work done it doesn’t take a long time. There’s not one hold up.”
-J.B., Carson, CA

“You can get stickers, pens, and pencils. There are also these toothbrushes that when you start to brush toothpaste comes out.”
-A.H., Wilmington, CA

“It is very beautiful and the doctor and staff are very nice.”
-J.M., Torrance, CA

“The staff greets you when you get there. Everybody is so cheerful.”
-T.G., Medford, OR

“They don’t make it hurt. The decorations are really nice.”
-A.M., Carson, CA

“Everyone is so nice to me. All the Halloween stuff is cool. I also like the office being very clean. Thank you for helping my teeth.”
-P.R., Torrance, CA

“I love their service. They are gentle with my teeth and they aren’t in a rush.”
-T.J., Los Angeles, CA

“They really care not only about our dental hygiene but as a person. I couldn’t imagine going to any other orthodontist. They have made so many of my friend’s smile pretty and now mine. Thank you for all your help CB Orthodontics.”
-R.R., Carson, CA

“I like CB Orthodontics because the people are nice and down to earth. I’m just so happy that my mom picked this orthodontist. They make me laugh.”
-K.M., Carson, CA

“There’s always a smile from everyone. Also your office is super clean and you are really patient.”
-J.M., Compton, CA

“I like how nice the staff is with me. They always greet me with a smile. Dr. Baker is always very concerned about how I’m doing with my braces. I feel very comfortable there. Their office is very clean and always decorated.”
-A.G., Signal Hill, CA

“They ask me: Is something poking you? They make my teeth straight.”
-T.C., Hawthorne, CA

“They are very nice & friendly people. The office is well maintained and very clean. They make you feel very welcome.”
-R.S., Wilmington, CA

“The things I like are its workers. They are very nice. I also like all the fun stuff that is available to do. Finally, I like the themes in the office.”
-R.B., Artesia, CA

“I like that they make me smile. They help us take care of our teeth all the time. I feel like a new person! Thank You.”
-R.A., La Palma, CA

“The ladies made me feel warm and welcome. Dr. Baker and her assistants are very respectful and friendly to me. When working on my teeth they are very gentle and fun people. All of the staff are caring people.”
-A.T., Humble, TX

“I want to thank you because with you guys I qualified to get my braces. The first time I came I was happy because Dr. Baker said that in 4 to 5 months I would get my braces. I waited and waited and now I have my braces.”
-D.M., Wilmington, CA

“They’re very friendly, organized and clean. In the first check up, they showed me the place to brush my teeth, where I get x-rays, and where I get braces.”
-J. L., Carson, CA

“I like the nice smiling people and the interesting books. Dr. Baker & staff care about my teeth.”
-C.N., Carson, CA

“The people are friendly and make me feel comfortable. I like the way it looks. They have a monthly drawing and you can win prizes.”
-K.L., Torrance, CA

“Everybody is nice to me and they make me feel comfortable and safe. They let me choose the color that I want for my braces. My teeth are getting better than before and that makes me feel happy. Thank you for all your support and making my smile look better every day.”
-J.P., Wilmington, CA

“I like the staff and how they make my teeth straight, healthy and clean. They are nice and fun. I also like the arrangement of the office. It is clean and pretty.”
-N.G., Lomita, CA

“They are very nice and they respect you. They care and always welcome you. They make you have that perfect smile. CB Orthodontics is very organized. They are just great!”
-M.G., Carson, CA


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